Lieve Stine

Graphic design and typesetting for Stine Jensen's book "Lieve Stine, weet jij het?" For sale in all major bookstores in the Netherlands.

Stine Jensen is a philosopher, writer and also a television show creator. We were asked to work with Stine on her first children’s book.

We came up with the idea that philosoper Stine lives with her cat in a castle in the middle of a forest. She receives handwritten letters in her mailbox with all kinds of questions. Stine is answering the questions by writing letters back. The books is a collection of the questions and answers.

For this book writer and philosopher Stine Jensen has received the Dutch Literature price 'De Zilveren Griffel' of 2015.

'An accessible introduction to the world of philosophy, also for adults. The book encourages children to think and reflect.'

Author: Stine Jensen
Illustrations: Sverre Fredriksen
Design: Quirin Jacques
Client: Stine Jensen and Kluitman
Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Edition: 4000 (reprint: 2000 ex.)
Price: €14,99
Measurements: 208 x 168 mm
Pages: 128 pages, plus 8 endpapers
Cover finising: die cutting, offset and foilpress
Binding method: genaaid gebonden, linnen back
Publisher: Kluitman
Print: Proost, Belgium

The cover of the book feels like thick craft paper and the paper inside has the same tactility as drawing paper, which is inviting to make notes in the book.

Paper cover: Cairn Eco Kraft 130 g/m2 from Christiaan Janssen
Papier body: Munken Print Cream 115 g/m2 from Antalis
Linnen back: Brillianta 4058 from Van Heek Textiles

Winter-Spring 2015

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