Het Filosofisch Kwintet

We were asked to create a  a short, dynamic leader and backdrops for a TV show called “Het Filosofisch Kwintet” (The philosophical Quintet). 

In the series philosophical discussions will take place about social themes. Socially relevant themes are presented and explored from an in-depth and philosophical perspective. The dialogues zoom in on details, but also look for larger connections to ultimately have an overview of the complete problem of a theme.

For the designs I followed the given information above as well as their motto:  listening is as important as speaking, ‘understanding’ is the goal and not the exchange of arguments. This should be depicted and expressed in de design in an abstract way. So that it can be versatile and suitable for various themes and seasons.

The leader will be used in a live program environment, so we had to make it in a way that it is possible to transition live directly from the leader to a studio or festival.

Also the design of the leader had to match the brand style guide of HUMAN (the broadcaster).

Graphic design: Quirin Jacques
Animation: Sverre Fredriksen
Music: Mickey Smid

Client: Human (Dutch TV Broadcaster)
Location: Amsterdam
Summer 2019

Background screens

TV leader in two colour options

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